RIT Alumni Association A responsive web development with clean and simple UI to engage RIT alumni. PHP, HTML 5, CSS 3, JQuery
RIT Alumni Association
RIT Giving A responsive web development with clean and simple UI to educate donors and increase gifts for RIT. PHP, HTML 5, CSS 3, JQuery
RIT Giving
The Source Film A self funded venture looking to create media that positively connect and communicate the most important issues being faced by our environment. ASP.NET, MS SQL & custom CMS
Source Film
Communications Calendar The central source of information collected in one location that provides the projected dates for all external communications PHP, MySQL, CMS
Communications Calendar
HTMail Portal The solution to create nice, simple, and HTML emails with just a few clicks PHP, MySQL, CMS
HTMail Portal
Email Signature Updater A tool that facilitate to standardize email signature with auto-updating marketing piece Microsoft Outlook
Email Signature Updater
National Association for the Blind An organizations working for blind and their rehabilitation to help couple thousands blind, deaf, dumb and physically disabled students to educate. ASP.NET, MS SQL & Flash AS3
IT Experts:
Programming Lab
A leading IT development company in the western region of Gujarat provides very wide range of service across the state such as website development, software development, graphic designing, VOIP services PHP, MySQL & custom CMS
Saurashtra Aaspass:
News Paper
A leading newspapers from Bhavnagar city offering their newspaper online for their readers across the world. ASP.NET, MS SQL & Flash AS3
Saurashtra Aaspass
The Business Flow A Company dealing with product marketing and business-to-business marketing offering online browsing and shopping portal. ASP.NET, MS SQL & Flash AS3
The Business Flow
Gandhinagar Today:
News Paper
The newspaper goes online for their readers providing them daily latest news, updates and videos from different categories. ASP.NET, MS SQL & custom CMS
Gandhinagar Today
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