The Source Project

The Source project is a self funded venture looking to create media that positively connect and communicate some of the most important issues being faced by our environment and as a result by our societies and cultures.

The website offers various information, videos and images produced by the Source Project team. An exciting blog with combination of videos, images, text and links provides more information to user and allows them to post their comment on the blog.

Client Side
The website has a unique and simple but intuitive design for easy readability, user experience and functionality.

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Blogs

The website administrator panel offers entire control of the website as well as customized blog management and posting facilities for quick and effective communication for their users.

Admin Side
Administrator panel offers custom CMS to manage website content, media, blogs and users.

  • CMS
  • Blogs & Comments
  • User

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Founder at The Source Project says about their website...

The website helps us a lot to promote our project. The admin panel has various custom features for us to manage the website independently especially our blog and user comments.

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