HTMail Portal

Do you still receive a simple plain text-based emails?

Do you think the sender is far behind with their technology update?
There could be a human learning factor, which is preventing the sender to send the nice, clean and interactive emails to you.

HTMail Portal is the solution to create nice, simple, and HTML emails with just a few clicks. The portal is designed for non-technical users to create their marketing emails using organizational standards, design guides and marketing pieces.

The portal is a controlled environment and provides user to select various pre-defined templates to start with to create their event marketing emails. User than can enter their desired information such as titles, images, content, CTA links, locations, costs, header image from large collection. User can also manage opt-out categories, propose their desired broadcast based on their category selection and upload email lists to send. User can send test emails within their selected group and submit the final request to queue for the broadcast.

The HTMail Portal provides a real-time preview of the email user is creating, this feature helps user to see how their email would look like while editing their content simultaneously.

The portal also generates 'view on-line' version and keeps track of open rate for user. The HTMail Portal preserves emails and allows user to edit any time and re-submit or re-use the previous created emails.

Client Side Features

  • Template-Based
  • Real-time Preview
  • Re-create & Re-use

  • On-line Email Version
  • Approval Process
  • Quick & Easy

View screenshots of the HTMail Portal

One of the HTMail Portal user says...

The (HTMail) portal provides so much flexibilities to create various HTML based emails with a few clicks. The best feature is that we can go back and edit any emails and basically re-use it.

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