Virtual Studios: Newtek Video Toaster 5

Each television and news production channels require hundreds of virtual studios for their lots of different news and daily talk shows, live broadcast and quiz program.

I was working with a well-know news channel to create their news room virtual studios for their daily news bulletins and special broadcasts.

Developing these virtual studios requires hands full experience with Adobe After Effect, Flash and other 3D modeling software as well as special virtual studio generator software bundled with NewTek Video Toaster 5 (VT5), which allows real-time chroma, on-line video and audio editing and live broadcasting features.

Apart from video production, VT5 has full functional audio mixers to handle various audio channels with video as composite, component and AUX.

Virtual Reality
Virtual Studios are very essential element for video productions, such as talk show and business news. These require very precise calculation and knowledge of perspective view.

  • Perspective View

    Virtual Studios are normally 2D image represented view as 3D perspective angle. Creating such images for virtual environment is always a difficult and complicated task.
  • Shadow & Reflection

    One of the key component for visual studios are shadowing and reflection of the anchor, images, video feeds and text. Putting this together with VT5 makes the studio next to the real set.
  • Multiple Views

    Single camera setup is not sufficient for video production and VT5 supports multiple view for virtual studios. Creating multiple views requires different perspective views an separate shadow & reflection composition.

View screenshots of VT5 Virtual Studios

Producer, Director and Owner at Color Creations says...

Sanket made our studios "live" with his skills of live sets with VT5. We did multiple talk shows, live productions and news bulletin with various virtual studios with (his) best performance of on-line editing.

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