First Half: A Movie on Student Life

Working on video production and news editing inspired me to direct a short movie during my grad school life. I produced and directed a one hour movie "First Half" based on students' life on my grad school, which would remain a lifetime memory of grad school, and my friends with me.

I worked on film editing, music, story and screen play, acting in the film itself as well as working on camera for those scenes where I am the back-camera person.

My friends and I worked on developing stories and writing screen play, deciding shooting location and setting up all equipment at the location and rolled the camera for about 20 days and later it took 10 days of editing to present the movie in-front of all my grad school students, parents and friends.

Lights, Camera, Action!
Working as story writer, music composer, actor, editor, producer and director for a home production movie was awesome experience with lots of fun, excitement, anger, frustration but love.

  • Story

    Turning a life of few students into a movie story was a difficult task. Especially when it involves 15 characters and justify their role and importance.
  • Shoot

    Video shoot the movie as a director being a student with a mid-level video camera pleased me a lot and shot some memorable memories to keep with for the entire life.
  • Edit

    Using the same camera for multiple angels for the same scene made the editing tricky and difficult but turned out superb to preserve those memories as a movie on the tape.

View screenshots of a live production

Times of India (Gujarat Edition - News Paper) writes about First Half...


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