Orion: A way to the solution The prototype and simulation as a final product of a task to identify a design to re-engineer for enhanced user experience and usability. Usability Engineering
e-Book Store A conceptual device for easy and comfortable bookstore shopping experience follows User-Centered-Designing rules for user-friendly interface and better experience for shoppers. User-Centered Design
E-Book Store
VUE Console Usability Testing of a tablet stand designed for ergonomically reading Usability Testing
VUE Console
Flying Whatsis A project where innovation, technology and users are merged with great compliance to achieve a successful user interactive virtual reality and physical game heaven. Virtual Reality & Embedded Programming
Flying Whatsis
Dance Dance Revolution
A study to understand attention and observation of human for timed or sequential tasks. Eye Tracking
RIT Food Zone Mobile App: Mockup
RIT Food Zone
Pool Shot Strategy A study to understand user's decision behavior and opponent status review before a shot of pool. Mobile Eye Tracking
Pool Shot Strategy
Mall Navigation A short study to evaluate the mapping and identify shoppers behavior inside the mall while using the map and navigating to the store. HCI Foundation
Mall navigation
Pool Player's Behavior A study to understand pool player's behavior before playing their shot on a computer based pool game. Eye Tracking & Computer Gaming
Pool Player's  Behavior
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