A conceptual device for easy and comfortable bookstore shopping experience follows User-Centered-Designing rules to perform the extremely user-friendly interface and experience for shoppers. The device offers various information of the store such as floor-maps, book shelves details, and exact location of any particular book with RFID tracking system. Furthermore, device is enabled to request in-store assistance, special request orders, online checkout and ebook reading option within store environment.

After field study at various bookstores observing and interviewing staff, customers and browsers a new system was proposed using Rapid Contextual Design.

  • Cultural Model

    Cultural model depicts the constraints and values important to the stakeholders. It shows the culture and policy of the system. The following diagram shows the culture of the system, influences, and people's feelings about their work.
  • Physical Model

    The physical model shows the current physical environment where tasks are done. Potential task related issues with the environment are highlighted. Similarly, positive aspects of the environment are noted as well.
  • System Vision

    The vision shows the key issues and tasks that must be supported. The vision is a high level view of how the system will work in regards to the main tasks and current system.

The prototype device has custom features for bookstore staff for inventory management and day-to-day reporting, and bookstore management. The device works on technologies such as internal Wi-Fi, GPS and RFID.

The project was driven with User-Centered-Designing method and data collected from field study, user interviews, and site audit was used to create rapid contextual designs and scenario based design for the prototype designing.

a bookstore owner says...

View screenshots of eBookStore device
eBookstore could be extremely useful for store owners, staff member and customers. We would be glad to have such device to improve customer engagement while shopping.

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