ORION - A way to the solution

Orin – A way to the solution" is a prototype device, developed using Usability Engineering fundamentals. Orion, the project is the final result of the task to identify a design to re-engineer for enhanced user experience and usability. Orion is a combination of various technologies to overcome the book scanning issue for conventional flat-bed scanner

After field study at Rochester Institute of Technology observing students using conventional flat-bed scanner, three major issues were identified:

  • Portability

    Lack of portability and effort required to install the scanner made it a hassle to use.
  • Accommodation

    Difficulty scanning unusually large items and books, which take extra time and sacrifice quality.
  • Understanding

    The indirect relationship to the scanner leads to poor feedback and errors.

New Design
The new designed were proposed based on field study results, more than 5 major design iterations, user interviews and feedback. The prototype of the new design addressed problems identified during the field study and usability testing for the new design improved its functionality.

  • Portability

    The new design is a lightweight tablet sized scanner with a PixelSence screen scanning on one side and a directly corresponding touch screen on the other. This allows the users freedom to simply scan wherever they are.
  • Accommodation

    Finally, its flexible size and ability to stitch together panoramic images allows this scanner to tackle scan-able items of any size or format.
  • Understanding

    The corresponding touch provides the user a window to the other side, allowing full and intuitive control of the scanned area. There is no need to consider how the paper is reversed since it is scanned right-side-up.

View screenshots of Orion

Use Case 1

Use Case 2

Use Case 3
Orion could help to resolve many issues such as large document scanning, portability and comfortable size. It can be used as quick scanner, portable storage, video communications, creating presentations and a camera.

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