FLYING WHATSIS - Quad-copter Baloon Maze

Flying Whatsis is the product where innovation, technology and users are merged with great compliance to achieve a successful user interactive virtual reality and physical game heaven. Parrot AR Drone Quad copter was programmed using SDK to work with computer controller regardless to its own iPhone app, and than the programming was fine tuned to work with Microsoft Kinect using VC#.

The quad copter was programmed to follow user's movement captured via MS Kinect and the quad copter would fly in the air accordingly. The wireless camera embedded on copter live streams the visual on the screen so the use could feel as they are flying using their hands.

Apart from Parrot AR Drone, WowWee Rovio car was also programmed in VC# to follow same instruction transmitted by MS Kinect.

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Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York says...

One of its own kind inventions, the Flying Whatsis can be used for the virtual-remote tour of the campus from any location of the world with real-time audio and video feed easily.

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